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Work Global Canada Inc. strategy begins at home, in Canada!

We work with Canadian employers experiencing labour shortages by finding qualified, skilled workers. We assist businesses in rural communities looking to fill unique opportunities. We Hire Locally, Hire Foreign Workers, assist with Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) processing, hire skilled Francophone workers through the Mobilité Francophone stream, and assist with other employer needs such Hire A Caregiver.

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Hire Locally

We are a Canadian recruitment firm and we assist Canadian Employers with their labour shortage strategy.

Hire Foreign Workers

Bringing Skilled Workers & their Families to Canada, Helping Canadian Businesses, Building Canadian Communities.

Apply for LMIA

Are you hiring a skilled foreign worker?
Is your business eligible for an LMIA?


Attracting Newcomers to Canada’s Francophone Communities, opened June 1st, 2016.

Hire Caregiver

Caring For Children Pathway*, Caring For Those With High Medical Needs Pathway*, Live-In Caregiver Program*



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