Professional Development Workshops

Since 2008, the Association for New Canadians has been delivering workshops on cultural diversity to businesses, government agencies, schools, and community organizations across Newfoundland and Labrador. Comprising one 2-­‐hour foundational module plus supplemental modules to address more specialized training requirements, all workshops are designed to promote cross-­‐cultural awareness and understanding while building cultural intelligence.

Format and Pricing
Workshops have the greatest impact when they are delivered as part of a comprehensive professional development or public education program. Individual training modules can be delivered in 2-­‐hour sessions or combined into half-­‐day or full-­‐day workshops. Pricing per workshop is flexible and ranges from $200 to $800 plus any applicable travel, accommodation, and venue costs. Further discounts are also available for organizations that request training in order to help advance the ANC’s mandate to settle and integrate newcomers to the province.

About the Association for New Canadians

The Association for New Canadians is a non-­‐profit, community-­‐based organization dedicated to the provision of settlement and integration services for refugees and immigrants throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. For over 35 years, the ANC has been delivering a full array of programs and services designed to support all aspects of newcomer integration, including settlement information and orientation, ESL training and assessment services, and employment and career assistance.

To book a workshop or for more information, contact the ANC’s Diversity Outreach Office by email at or by phone at 709-­‐722-­‐0718.

Training: Foundations

Introduction to Diversity | All Audiences
Exploring what diversity is and why it matters, this module provides an understanding of key concepts. It includes information on immigration to Newfoundland and Labrador and the contributions of newcomers, and also addresses some of the misperceptions that exist about immigrants and refugees. It can be tailored to those working in any of the following contexts: business, healthcare, education and youth, translation and interpretation, criminal justice, and community organizations.

Training: Supplemental Modules

Discrimination and Accommodation | All Audiences
This module provides practical tools for developing a positive environment free from prejudice, inequality, and harassment. It includes strategies for developing a Diversity Action Plan and provides a framework for developing internal policies and processes that are essential to creating a positive and inclusive organizational culture.

Deconstructing Diversity | Educators & Youth
Designed to be energizing, interactive, and engaging, this module includes activities that are tailored to the needs of youth in grades 4 through 12 and is aligned with the specific curriculum goals of the English School District. Learning outcomes include greater awareness about cultural diversity, interdependence, and shared beliefs.

Respectful and Inclusive Workplaces | Business
This module helps employers find ways to harness and promote the value of diversity in a business setting. It also serves as a guide to the change process by helping organizations reassess the ways in which they advertise positions, conduct interviews, and mentor and orient new hires.

Gaining a Service Edge in a Multicultural Marketplace | Business
Designed as a practical workshop for frontline service staff, this module provides employers and employees the information necessary to create a welcoming and service-­‐friendly environment for workers and customers from diverse cultures and countries.

Cultural Competency Toolkit | Business
This module explores key issues in employment while also providing practical tools and strategies to integrate newcomers into the provincial workforce. It focuses on culturally competent approaches to hiring immigrant employees, engaging and retaining a culturally diverse workforce, and Canadian workplace norms.